Laurie has made some changes! We are called "Laurie and the Lefties" now!  

Laurie and the Lefties is the new adventure for veteran vocalist and songwriter Laurie Middlebrook-Spear. The core of the band is comprised of Laurie as principle songwriter, vocalist, and guitar, Dan Wall on drums/percussion/vocals, and Kevin Spear on bass and vocals. We are calling this "The Lefties Trio", and features Laurie’s amazing vocals with three-part harmonies including Dan and Kevin. As always, the focus for the band is to feature Laurie's original songs coupled with great songs that we love to play, and some songs that maybe you don't hear very often but love as well. 

For the full band experience, you can expect to see Mark Ode on guitar/vocals and Wesley Knust on the keys. But hey, life is complicated, and we are fortunate to have a nice network of musicians to help us out, to include Mike Williams on the drums, as well as Jake Voisine on guitar, and Joe Balbaugh on various stringed instruments, including but not limited to guitar and mandolin. 

The band is looking forward to playing for audiences throughout Michigan.

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